18th June 2024

Learn the article to know the steps to create API key in Plesk. At Bobcares, with our Plesk Internet hosting Help, we are able to deal with your points.

Steps to Create API Key in Plesk

Plesk makes use of secret keys for API login. Right here’s how you can create a secret key for Plesk.

Utilizing CLI

1. Initially, SSH entry to the Plesk server.

2. On CLI, sort the next command:

plesk create api key

This command reveals the newly created API Key.

Utilizing Plesk XML API

1. Create an XML file referred to as api.rpc with the next textual content, substituting with the Plesk account and with the proper IP restriction.

plesk create api key

2. Now, ship the request utilizing cURL command:

plesk create api key

Change with a legitimate Plesk admin password or one other current secret key.

Utilizing the Secret Key

As soon as we have now the key key, we are able to use it to confirm the API requests as an alternative of the Plesk username and password. The actual method to make use of it depends upon by the API with which we’re dealing.

The key key usually seems within the request header, below a key referred to as “X-API-Key”. The right authentication mechanism ought to fluctuate for the API we’re utilizing.

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This text gives a number of the easy methods from our Help Group during which we are able to create API key in Plesk.

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