8th December 2023

Allow us to discover ways to fetch shallow knowledge from supply cpanel. With the assistance of our Cpanel help companies at Bobcares, we are going to discover ways to fetch the info.

Fetching shallow knowledge from supply cpanel

fetch shallow data from source cpanel

The time period “fetching shallow knowledge from a supply cPanel” refers to retrieving solely a subset of the info from the supply server fairly than the entire knowledge set. It will occur when transferring knowledge from one cPanel server to a different.

When the supply server comprises a giant amount of information that you just don’t must ship, or in case you want to preserve time and bandwidth through the knowledge switch course of, fetching shallow knowledge could be helpful.

To get shallow knowledge from a supply cPanel server, we might want to make the most of the “rsync” command-line program. Rsync is a powerful program for safely and successfully transferring knowledge throughout servers.

Find out how to Fetch shallow knowledge from supply cpanel?

To retrieve shallow knowledge with rsync, run the next command:

rsync -avz --progress --stats --exclude-from=/root/rsync_exclude.txt remote_username@remote_host:/path/to/distant/dir /path/to/native/dir

On this command, exchange “distant username” with the distant server’s username, “distant host” with the distant server’s IP handle or area identify:


with the trail to the distant listing we wish to switch, and:


with the trail to the native listing the place we wish to retailer the transferred knowledge.

The "—exclude-from=/root/rsync exclude.txt" possibility is used to exclude information and directories from the distant server that we don’t want to transmit.

Within the "/root/rsync exclude.txt" file, we might outline which information and folders to exclude.

Through the transmission, the “-avz” possibility is used to archive the information and directories, protect the permissions, and compress the info.

Through the switch process, the “—progress” and “—stats” arguments are used to show progress and statistics.

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To sum up, acquiring shallow knowledge from a supply cPanel server entails transferring solely a fraction of the info from the distant server to the native server utilizing the rsync program.

With the help of our Cpnale help companies at bobcares we have now now gone by way of the entire course of on the best way to fetch the shallow knowledge from supply Cpanel.


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